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Snow Foam Versus Traffic Film Remover - That Is Best?

First of all was to try out the snow foam which I designed a more powerful than average mix to own relatively gentle product a fighting chance from the more aggressive Traffic Film Remover.

Concentrating on the low areas of the vehicle with this comparison because they have a tendency to attract probably the most dirt, I started by making use of a thick layer of snow foam to it’s front finish, wheels, arches, lower doorways and sills before departing it to soak at first glance for any good 5 minutes to let it soften up and break the text between because the dirt and surface contamination because it possibly could.

When the foam tried its dwelling and prior to being permitted to dry at first glance or vanish entirely exactly the same areas were then completely rinsed off at pressure to both remove both sudsy residue and also the loose dirt particles the pre-wash had now hopefully pulled in the various surfaces.

After allowing them to partly drip dry the time had come to create your camera in near to see what degree of pre-clean the thick snow foam had provided.

The very first factor I observed would be that the vehicle was still being peppered with heavy tar spots but to become fair you would not expect gentle snow foam to get rid of this type of persistent contaminant. The truth that they were now more visible was most likely an optimistic reflection from the merchandise that tried this kind of effective job at taking out the layer of surface dirt which had formerly hidden them.

The wheels had also almost entirely been eliminate their surface brake dust that was impressive thinking about no contact cleaning have been carried out, although it’s difficult to say what role pressure washing also performed in lifting them back within the foam itself.

The snow foaming certainly designed a distinct visible step up from this well stored vehicle but tar spots aside there have been also many other persistent surface contaminants possibly not very visible on camera when after this you continued to clean the vehicle could obviously make the dreaded scratches and swirl marks. So an excellent start without a doubt but not even closes to perfect.

To the heavier traffic film remover which such as the snow foam I confused a powerful solution of, diluting roughly 2 liters from the non-caustic product with another 4 water inside a 6 litre pressurised pump spray before completely putting it on towards the rear from the Range Rover along with its opposition which hadn’t seen any snow foam.

Oddly, I've found applying a traffic film remover an even more satisfying activity than snow foaming a vehicle possibly because of the precise way it may be sprayed into various the nooks and crannies using the lightweight wand.

Unlike snow foams, traffic film removers can certainly stain and damage finishes if left to dry in it and thus ought to be rapidly rinsed off nevertheless the awesome, moist winter months here permitted me to capture some close ups from the pre-cleaner securely soaking at first glance for any couple of moments first.

Rinsing a traffic film remover off at pressure serves not just to remove its potentially dangerous residue and also the dirt it's permeated but additionally activates its ingredients and thus it’s vital that you perform a thorough job, making certain every area are methodically covered all the way through.

Once rigorously rinsed off and left to partly drip dry, this side from the Range Rover ended up being scrutinised to determine what, or no difference there is between this and also the snow foamed parts.


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